On the Integrations page, search and select Custom Webhooks from the list of integrations.

Select Add Integration to configure the Integration.

  1. Give the integration a name, for example: “oak9 integration”

  2. Enter the Webhook URL, Username, and Password

  3. Select the Projects that need the integrations added from the dropdown and proceed with the integration setup by selecting Done.

Add Webhook to the Project

Now that Webhook is integrated into oak9’s platform, select the project that needs the Webhook Integration from the Projects Tab. In the Project screen, select the edit button on Integrations.

  1. Select Notifcation and then click “Add Integration“ button

  2. Select Webhook from the Integration Type dropdown

  3. Select Integration Name and URL from the dropdown

  4. Press green checkmark to save

And that’s it! oak9 will now send design gaps and updates about the project!

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