The ServiceNow integration allows for the raise of ServiceNow incidents for design gaps automatically and manually.

  1. How to set up the ServiceNow Integration

  2. Adding ServiceNow to the project

  3. Choosing Design Gap Severity Automation

How to set up the ServiceNow Integration

To connect the oak9 account to the ServiceNow account, go to the Integrations page from the side navigation and select on the “Add Integration” under ServiceNow. See figure below.

  1. Give the integration a name, for example: oak9 integration

  2. Enter the Username, Password and instance URL for ServiceNow

  3. Press Done

Adding ServiceNow to the project

Now that ServiceNow is integrated into Oak9’s platform, select the project that needs the ServiceNow Integration from the Projects Tab. Inside the selected Project, select the edit button on Integrations. See figure below.

Inside the Project Integrations, navigate to the Workflow Tab. Select Add Integration.

Chose ServiceNow from Integration Type and select the Integration from Integration Name.

Either chose to assign the Incidents in ServiceNow here or manually do them in ServiceNow.

Based on the Incidents that need to be created in ServiceNow, select the severities of Design Gaps from the dropdown options.

Now select the save button to save(green check mark) the ServiceNow Integration for the selected Project.

Once saved, view the Integration and make edits as needed by selecting the edit button here.

Now navigate to Visual Designer from the Project Page by selecting View Details and it is possible to view all the Design Gaps with Incidents in ServiceNow.

Choosing Design Gap Severity Automation

While choosing which design gaps to automate, it is possible to select from Critical, High, Moderate & Low design gaps. The selected design gaps, will automatically create incidents on ServiceNow. For example, if critical design gaps are selected, all critical design gaps will have incidents automatically created in ServiceNow. If Critical & high are both selected, both design gaps will have issues automatically created.

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