Set up your Jira integration

The oak9 Jira integration allows for automatic and manual creation of Jira issues for design gaps.

  1. Prerequisites

  2. How to set up the Jira Integration

  3. Adding Jira to the project

  4. Choosing Design Gap Severity Automation

  5. Creating manual tickets


Get a Jira API token here

How to set up the Jira integration

To connect the oak9 account to the Jira account, go to the integrations page and click on the “Add Integration” under Jira.

  1. Give the integration a name, for example: “oak9 integration”

  2. Enter the email address for the Jira user.

  3. Enter the Jira domain URL, for example:

  4. Paste in the Jira API token.

  5. Press Done

If needed, generate the API Token from

(Note: This generates a token for the current user (whoever is logged in) so it is important that the person logged in has the necessary permissions)

Adding Jira to the project

Now that Jira is integrated into oak9’s platform, select the project that needs the Jira Integration from the Projects Tab. In the Project screen, select the edit button on Integrations.

  1. Select Workflow and then click “Add Integration“ button

  2. Select Jira from the Integration Type dropdown

  3. Select Integration Name

  4. Select the project key the issues will be assigned to

  5. Select who to assign issues to

  6. Choose your severity automation preferences

  7. Press green checkmark to save

If successfully implemented, the design gap panel will display like below

Choosing Design Gap Severity Automation

While choosing which design gaps to automate, the options to select from are Critical, High, Moderate & Low design gaps. The selected design gaps, will automatically create issues on Jira. For example, if critical design gaps are selected, all critical design gaps will have issues automatically created in Jira. If Critical & high are both selected, both design gaps will have issues automatically created.

Creating Manual Tickets

If “Manual” was selected in the “Automate User Stories” selection, a Jira button will appear next to the design gap in Visual Designer that allows a Jira issue to be created.

If “Always” create Jira tickets automatically was created, a Jira issue will automatically be created with oak9’s issue details copied across into the relevant fields.

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