In the visual designer of a project, once a resource is selected either from the grid or left panel, it is possible to view details and edit tags of that resource. This is all done via the right panel of the visual designer.

From the right panel, the following actions are possible:

· View details about selected resource

· Edit the tags on a selected resource

Viewing properties of a selected resource

1. Select a resource either from the left panel or from the designer grid

2. The right panel has the resource’s read-only

a. ID

b. Name

c. Type

d. Location

e. Security Context

3. Have the option to view and edit the resource’s

a. Security Context

Editing security contexts on a selected resource

Special tags provide context about the resource during validation to determine how to best enforce security requirements.

The initial set of security context for a resource are a combination of defaults and configuration set during project creation.

1. Remove a tag by clicking the X button on the tag you want to remove.

2. Add tags by clicking in the search box – this will immediately show a list of tags to

choose from.

3. Type in the search box to filter this list. Select any of them to add it to the resource.

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