The left navigation menu is the primary tool you use to navigate through the application. The menu includes buttons that route you to the following pages:

· Home

· Projects

· Policies

· Requirements

· Blueprints

· Integrations

What each page does

· The Home page is what first appears when logging into the platform. It displays an overview of project metrics, security trends across your enterprise’s, and recent activity.

· The Projects page is where you can shows high level information about all the projects in the enterprise, including its author and when each project was last updated. Specific project’s details and being able to navigate to said projects, can also be found here. To create a new project, just click on the New Project button at the top of the page.

· The Policies page shows high level information about all the policy exceptions created for the enterprise, including whether the policy exception applies to the entire enterprise or to a specific project (or projects), its creation date, and a brief description. You may also edit (pencil icon button), delete (trash can icon button), or create a new policy exception (New Policy Exception button) from this page.

· The Requirements page shows all the security requirements available to the enterprise. The ability to filter by detailed requirements or search for a specific requirement is there as well.

· The Blueprints page shows high level information about all the enterprise’s blueprints, including its type (component or reference), author, and when it was last updated. This is also where you can access a specific blueprint’s details and navigate to the visual designer to edit it.

· The Integrations page shows existing integrations and is the place to create a new one. In the Integrate tab, there is an option to create the following: Cloud Service Provider integrations, Notification / Workflow Integrations, or CLI integrations. In the Existing Integrations tab, your existing integrations will be shown by selecting one of the following categories in the dropdown: CI / CD, Cloud Provider, or Notification Workflow. From there, you may also edit or delete a specific integration.

· The Help page shows all documentation and help articles for our platform. They are grouped together by area of interest and you can see specific articles within it.

Navigating through the app while using the Visual Designer

While inside of the Visual Designer, you’ll notice that the left navigation menu disappears, but don’t worry – it can still be accessed. Simply click on the

and a dropdown menu will appear. This dropdown menu offers the same navigation options as the left navigation menu.

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